RDI Menu - closeup

RDI Menu - outside
RDI Menu - half opened
RDI Menu - opened
RDI Dinner Invite - front and back

RDI Menu - inside

RDI Dinner menu and invite

Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) is a distinction, awarded by the The Royal Society of Arts for »sustained excellence in aesthetic and efficient design for industry« to creatives from various fields – graphics, product design, illustration, engineering, fashion, theatre.

Only 200 designers may hold the distinction RDI at any time and it is regarded as the highest honour to be obtained in the field of design in the United Kingdom. New RDIs are awarded Diplomas at the annual RDI Dinner. The RDI Dinner menu and invitation shows a table setting with cutlery, plates, glasses and wine bottles replaced by scissors, pens, french curves, ink bottles, rulers, scalpels – all tools used in the creative process.

Designed in collaboration with George Hardie